ESCAPE Alumni Blogs

ESCAPE takes the standard model of conferences and adds innovation of time and connection. I’ve never been to a conference that was not only interested in my personal well-being, but dedicated to evolving it.
Escape bridges the important gap often found in advocates and advocacy where the organizational mission outweighs personal needs. Yet, those of us in the cancer community carry heavy loads – even altruism cannot heal us completely we must be advocates of heart, mind, and body what a beautiful reminder.

Lori Stone


The networking opportunities are outstanding – crossing the lines of cancer types is imperative to cancer advocacy being able to take the next leap. Thank you for the time you take in reviewing all of the applications to create this well rounded attendee list.

Diane Rose


There is nothing like this conference! The balance of sessions and networking, added with personal space is needed, wanted and so vitally important. To have the opportunity to stop moving and just be is something everyone needs, but this advocate community especially! It is rare to have the chance to do this you bring together a powerful group of people that you are helping to change the cancer world.

Brandi Forbes


Very honestly speaking… every aspect was extremely strong, blending in such a manner to provide a life altering experience.

Judy Plymale

Vident Medical Center

The size of the conference, the mix of advocates, the interactions with leaders and fellow advocates makes ESCAPE stand out above all other conferences. Having time each day
to synthesize what we learn & simultaneously reconnect
with ourselves makes all the difference. Everything
was outstanding.

Annemarie Ciccarella


Most conferences have mostly programming, very little networking and zero wellness activities. It’s so helpful and important for us as advocates to take care of ourselves, so we can best serve the cancer patients and survivors we represent.

Shelley Fuld Nasso