Escape to THRIVE Testimonials

I think it was different in pretty much every aspect! Starting from it being a small group, with a very inviting environment to share your views, but to also take in other views and perspectives. It felt very dynamic
and inclusive.
Marisol Rosas Becerril


This was an interactive conference. We did not just sit and listen. We learned and shared and helped each other. What we learned stays in our minds easier and longer because we participated in every presentation.
Susan Patterson

Ovations for the Cure

I think this conference is all different from others because cancer patients/survivors, researchers, and providers all come together and share experiences, perspectives, and research.
Jan Huynh

MSW, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

The advocates who attended were a great cross-section of diseases, stages, and survivorship. I learned a lot about what was possible in advocacy. Networking was awesome! I sorely needed a way to rebalance disease, life, and advocacy. This conference helped me in many ways.
Janet Freeman-Daily

The mix of groups and types of advocates really makes this an amazing conference! The spirit of collaboration and diversity of experiences really gave everyone a chance to learn.
Lisa Rezende

Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Univ, of AZ, FORCE volunteer

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