Miraval offers about 100 complimentary, non-fee based activities in any given week – many of which are not found anywhere else. Here are a few examples of the fee-free offerings included in all package rates:


This high-energy cardio workout combines traditional aerobic movements with powerful beat and rhythm of the drums.


In his ten-gallon hat and overalls Richard Starkey makes you smile. And once he opens his mouth, there’s no question he knows his stuff. Richard hails from an Oklahoma farming family. All of Miraval’s eggs and a bulk of its produce come from Richard, who picks everything at 5am and delivers the fresh products straight to the kitchen’s back dock from his 21/2 acre farm up the road. In early March, Richard broke ground on Miraval’s own kitchen garden, planting his latest venture and, as a result, connecting guests even further with their food. His efforts at Miraval take guests all one step closer to the goal — Eat. Real. Food.


Yoga Nidra Meditation is an ancient method of relaxation, meditation, and contemplation. This practice is designed to guide you into a state of deep relaxation while your mind is gently engaged in an endeavor to keep you wakeful and conscious throughout the exercise. The ability to remain aware while progressing into a state of deep rest has many therapeutic benefits and is a key tool used for the development of self-awareness.


Join Noel Patterson, Miraval’s resident beekeeper, to discuss everything buzzworthy about bees! Why are they in the news so often? What is Colony Collapse Disorder, and what can we do about it? Learn about why bees matter and why it is important to remain optimistic and support those who are keeping their bees responsibly.


Gratitude brings many benefits to our overall health and well-being. Lisa Frank, Wellness Counselor, will talk about the benefits of gratitude in our personal health and relationships and present ways in which we can easily and meaningfully bring gratitude awareness and practice into our daily lives.