Escape to THRIVE, October 3-7, 2021

What makes Escape to THRIVE different from other conferences?  EVERYTHING!

Escape to THRIVE offers:

  • A small leadership conference in an intimate setting that allows you to naturally connect and collaborate with fellow advocates;
  • Exploration of learning professionally and thriving personally in one experience;
  • Interactive sessions with experts sharing their insights on current and upcoming policies and practices affecting oncology, cancer care, and survivorship;
  • Half days of conference programming, leaving the other half of each day so you can fully experience and build your sense of balance at Miraval

Agenda for Escape to THRIVE 2021

The agenda for the 2021 conference is currently being developed. Please come back in the next few weeks to see what we have planned!



Now approaching its 10th year, Escape to THRIVE was designed by and for cancer advocates. It combines features of a national leadership conference with collaboration and self-care components to support advocates to continue their work effectively – all with the ultimate goal of improving cancer patient education and outreach. No other conference offers this balance of learning and skills to embrace the WHOLE advocate – professionally and personally. A research study is underway to evaluate the efficacy of this transformative conference format. Be part of the collaboration!

Advocates representing over 100 organizations from around the country have attended, and many have participated more than once.

Sponsorship benefits to your company:

  • Time to network with key advocate leaders from organizations representing a variety of cancers. Advocates represent not just a single viewpoint but many voices, issues, and stories;
  • Informal opportunities to discuss issues and topics your company is interested in. Learn the advocates’ perspective through insights, comments, and discussions. Glean much information in a short period of time;
  • Build your company’s network of reliable and capable advocates for the future;
  • Excellent opportunity for key or new company employees to learn about cancer patients and their issues from the “inside” by attending workshops alongside advocates. (Available for select sponsorship levels);
  • Ensure attendance by your selected key advocate or company representative. (Available for select sponsorship levels)

For more information about sponsoring Escape to THRIVE, contact